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Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer
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Posted: 14-08-2013 14:11
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Synopsis: World's revolutionary hair Detangling Brush suitable for all

The EZY-TEEZE MAGIC Hair Detangling Brush -Revolutionary hair detangling brush with ergonomic design -Trying to remove tangles and knots out of your hair with an unsuitable brush can lead to your hair ripping and tearing and the cuticles can get damaged, not to mention the pain!! -Armed with soft flexible bristles that adjust to the contour of your scalp, the EZY TEEZE brush makes hair detangling a BREEZE -Can reduce detangling time by more then 1/2 and it is painless. Great for detangling young kids hairs. -The end result is beautiful, healthier looking, shinier and straighter hair -Can be used in the shower or on dry hair -A great product that people are recommending to each other. -Trying is believing!!!

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