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Nirvel Professional Chemical Hair Straightener Set
SKU: SKU16153
Nirvel Chemical Hair Straightener Set

Hair Straightener / Uncurler from Nirvel Professional - Straightener
Size: 2 straighteners + 1 Neutralizer
Description: For Professional Use Only
Contains two 60ml tubers of STRAIGHTENER and a 250 ml bottle of NEUTRALISER. Wear gloves and apply straightener to dry hair. Make sure that straightener is applied to all hair. Comb and smooth down ONCE. leave for 5- 10 minutes depending on hair quality. Rinse with water and apply the neutralizer, brush smoothing the hair and allow ten minutes to dry then wash the hair.

(If there are areas of the hair are really damaged, such as highlights, we recommend applying Pre-straightening Protector before proceeding with the straightening)

Our price: AUD 29.95
Market price: AUD 49.95 save 40%
including GST 10% ( AUD 2.72 )
Nirvel Temporary Hair Straightener 250ml
Temporary Hair Straightener from Nirvel Professional
Size: 250 ml
Description: Protects from hairdryer heat, brushing friction and styling plate dryness. It is resistant to environmental humidity.
After applying a generous, even dose to damp hair, begin to dry, smoothing hair with a brush. It leaves hair straight and soft with bounce and natural shine.

Our price: AUD 12.95
Market price: AUD 24.95 save 48%
including GST 10% ( AUD 1.18 )
One N Only Curl Remover With Keratin-Tinted/Highlighted Formula
SKU: WAV2256
One N Only Curl Remover with Keratin for Tinted/Highlighted Hair

One 'n Only Curl Remover alters and controls the curl pattern of naturally curly hair and removes the curl from permed hair.

Alters the pattern of curly or wavy hair
Removes curl from permed hair
Conditions hair providing a smooth texture
Gentle, patented formula
Tames frizzy hair

One n Only Curl Remover removes curl from healthy, virgin hair; hair tinted with less than 20 volume peroxide; hair tinted with semi-permanent color and previously permed hair. Alters the pattern of curly or wavy hair and removes cur. Unique conditioners impart a new, smooth texture never before achieved with a chemical service.

Comes in three formulas. Nomal: For use on Healthy, virgin hair, hair tinted with up to and including 20 volume peroxide, hair tinted with semi-permanent color, previously permed hair. Tinted: Hair with 50% or less highlights, hair tinted with greater than 20 volume peroxide, hair tinted with high lift tints. Resistant: Coarse, resistant hair that has not been color-treated, tinted, highlighted/bleached.

Our price: AUD 28.95
Market price: AUD 34.95 save 17%
including GST 10% ( AUD 2.63 )
RELAXING 4 Ever Combo Pack-for Normal & Resistant Hair
SKU: SKU9822
RELAXING 4 Ever Combo Pack-for Normal & Resistant Hair

Our price: AUD 99.95
Market price: AUD 149.95 save 33%
including GST 10% ( AUD 9.09 )
RELAXING 4 Ever Combo Pack-for Treated Hair
SKU: SKU5001
RELAXING 4 Ever Combo Pack-for Treated Hair

Our price: AUD 99.95
Market price: AUD 149.95 save 33%
including GST 10% ( AUD 9.09 )
Schwarzkopf Glatt Hair Straightening Cream 1
SKU: SGSC1-120g1
Schwarzkopf Glatt Hair Straightening Cream #1

Professional hair straightener for naturally curly, and naturally very curly coloured hair.


Hair Straightener with Active-Care+Complex for permanent straight, smooth and shiny hair.

Hair Straightener
Naturally Curly / Naturally Very Curly Coloured Hair

Neutralizing Balm

Designed to permanently straighten naturally curly, wavy or frizzy hair
Providing a reliable system, smoothing curly hair to straight perfection
Guarantees durable performance, ensuring condition of the hair remains
better than ever
For beautifully straight, soft, natural-looking hair with no fuss

Excellent performance with fast, classic application Schwarzkopf Strait
Glatt is the professional hair straightener you can rely on.

Glatt new improved formula with the innovative protein care formula,
it provides perfectly long lasting straight hair with extra care for shiny and healthy hair.
A professional hair straightening cream to de-volumise, tame frizz and straighten hair for up
to 12 weeks making your hair easy to style and more manageable.
For professional use only.

Hair looks: Relaxed curls, manageable waves or totally straight sleek hair full of shine.

Please read all product cautionary and, safety instruction prior to use.

Please follow all instruction.

Strictly observe all instruction and cautionary advice printed on the product
packaging and follow the directions for use.

see more at www.hbbb.com.au

Our price: AUD 16.95
Market price: AUD 19.95 save 15%
including GST 10% ( AUD 1.54 )
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