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Bargain Basement

British Knight

Christmas Gift packs

Monthly Specials

  Squeezer Bottles


Academy and Training Kits

Acrylic Brushes
  British Knight
  Nirvana Collection
  Nirvana Collection-Heaven on Earth-Sibu Series
  Xtreme Nail

Acrylic Liquids
  Hawley Acrylic Liquid
  Hawley Black Label
  Hawley Illume Fusion Monomer
  Nirvana Collection-Heaven on Earth
  Nouveau Nail

Acrylic Powders
  CND-Creative Nail Design
  Nirvana Collection-Heaven on Earth
  Nirvana Collection-Coloured Acrylic Powders
  Nouveau Nail
  British Knight
  Easy Flow
  Hawley Black Label Advanced Acrylic System

Air Brushed Nail Tips

Anti-Bac Spray
  Nirvana Collection

  Acrylic Jars
  Aluminium Bottles
  Plastic Bottles
  Plastic Jars

Brush Cleaners
  Nirvana Collection
  Easy Flow
  Xtreme Nail

Carbide Drill Bits

CND ( Creative Nail Design )

Color Pops

Cuticle Pushers & Orange Sticks

Cuticle Scissors

Cuticle Treatments
  CND-Creative Nail Design

Dappen Dishes

Dental Naps

Electric Nail Filing Systems

Facial Masks

Finger Rests

Flex Wraps

Foam Rest

Finger Cots/Protectors

Gel Lights & Accessories

Gel Polishes
  Hawley Gelique-Gel Polishes

Liquid Dispensers

Manicure Bowls

Manicure Practice Pieces

Manicure Sets

Manicure Tables

Nail Accessories

Nail Art Accessories
  Angel Hair Glitter Strips
  Dazzling Dots Iridescent Circles
  Fantasea Crushed Sea Shells
  Fimo-Fun Shapes

Nail Art Fruity Slices

Nail Art Glitter

Nail Art Glitter Stripes

Nail Art Mylar Flakes

Nail Art Paint

Nail Art Pens

Nail Art Stamping Kit

Nail Art Striper Pens

Nail Brush Cleaners

Nail Buffers
  Hair & Beauty Brand
    Blister Packs
    Buffing Blocks & Emery Blocks
    Chamois Buffers
    Cushioned Emery Board
    Nail Shine Buffers
    Professional Collection
    Block Buffers
    Buffers Cushioned
    Grinders Boomerang
    Grinders Cushioned Harbour Bridge
    Grinders Cushioned Square Plank (180mmx30mm)
    Grinders Cushioned Straight (175mmx20mm)
    Man Files
    Sponge File/Gator
    Wild Files
    Wood Centre Emery Boards (175mmx20mm)
  Nirvana Collection
  Nirvana Collection-Sibu Series-Nail Files
  Nouveau Nail
  Retail Blister Packs

Nail Coatings & Treatments
  Nirvana Collection-Heaven on Earth
  Xtreme Nail

Nail Cutters & Nippers
  Hair & Beauty Brand
  Nirvana Collection-Heaven on Earth

Nail Decorations
  Acrylic Roses
  Exotic Dried Flowers
  Nail Art Stickers
  Nail Dangles

Nail Dissolvers

Nail Dryer

Nail Dust Collector

Nail Forms

Nail Glue

Nail Kits

Nail Pens

Nail Polish Displays

Nail Polish Removers
  Easy Flow
  Nirvana Collection

Nail Polish Thinners

Nail Polishes
  China Glaze
      Base Coats
      Top Coats
  China Glaze Crackle
  Color Secrets
    Cream Colors
  Luminart Neon Glow in the Dark Nail Polish
  Nirvana Collection
  SaQu Theme Collections

Nail Prep
  CND-Creative Nail Design
  Easy Flow
  Nirvana Collection

Nail Primers
  British Knight
  CND-Creative Nail Design
  Easy Flow
  Nouveau Nail

Nail Spa

Nail Tech Demo Boards & Hands

Nail Tech Organisers

Nail Tip Boxes-Empty

Nail Tips
  Nirvana Collection
  Xtreme Nail

Nail Tips-3D Designs

Nail Tips-Designer Colours

Nail Tips-French Fashion

Nail Tips-Hip Tips

Nail Tips-Iridescent Colours

Nail Treatments
  China Glaze Treatments
  Dr G's
  Nail Tek
  Star Nail

Nails-Fiberglass Wrap System

Orly Nail Treatments


Pedicare Products

Pedicure Accessories

Pedicure Files

Pedicure Slippers

Pedicure Spa Fizz

Pedicure Stools

Pedicure-Callus Cutters

Safety Glasses

Sanding Bands

Sanitising Gels


Toe Rings
  Crystal Illusions Toe Rings
  Diamante Stretch Toe Rings
  Luxury Toe Rings

Toe Separators

Toe Tips-Designer Collection

Top Coats
  CND-Creative Nail Design
  Diamond Dry
  Hawley Top Coats
  INM-International Nail Manufacturers

UV Gel Systems
  Hawley Black Label UV Gel System
  Nirvana Collection-Heaven on Earth
  Nouveau Nail
  One Step "Soak Off" UV Gels


Air Brushes

Applicator Bottles


Beauticians Kit

Beautician's Uniforms

Beauty Beds

Beauty Bed Covers

Beauty Bedspread Paper Rolls

Beauty & Vanity bags

Beauty Cases

Beauty Mats

Black Head Remover

Body Lotions and Moisturisers

Body Piercing Jewellery

Caron Bump Eraser

Cosmetic Accessories

Cosmetic Brushes

Cosmetic Temporary Tattoos

Day Spa Accessories

Day Spa Products

Depilatory Creams & Bleaches

Depilatory Waxes
  Caron Depilatory Waxes
  Hot Bod Italian Soft Waxes
  Mancine Dep Waxes
  Natural Look

Discounted Branded Cosmetics


Disposable Waxing Hygiene Products

Distilled Water

Ear Piercing

Ear Rings

Eye/Lip Liners

Eye Lash Tinting Products

Eye Masks

Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Perming

Natural Look Products for Facials & Body

Facial Vaporizers

Gift Boxes

Hand & Body Lotions

Hard Waxes
  Caron Hard Waxes
  Hot Bod Italian Hard Waxes
  Mancine Hard Waxes
  Natural Look

Head Bands

Hovan's Products (other)

Magnifying Lamp

Make-Up Accessories
  Lip Gloss Wands

Make-Up Cases

Make-Up Kits

Massage Oils

Packaging & Storage

Mascara Wands

Paraffin Wax

Salon Cleaning Products


Mascara Brushes

Tanning Products

Threading Cotton

  Royal Shivas


Wax Pots

Waxing Accesories

Waxing Kits

Waxing Roll-On Cartridge Systems

Waxing Rolls
  Hot Bod
  Wax Spa


ADORE Semi Permanent Hair Colour

African Hair Products

Anti-Lice Products

Appointment Books

Argan Oil

Assist Hair Styling Products

ATV Design Network Styling Products

Babyliss Pro Products

Barber Chair

Barber Products

  Hair Serums
  Reconstructor Range
  Repair Range
  Spa Range


Blonde Me

Bobby Pins

BRANDS-Hair Care
  Babyliss Pro
  Brasil Cacau
  De Lorenzo
  Salon Says
    Bona Cure
  Vita 5

Brazilian Keratin Straightening

Brelil Hair Products

Chemical Hair Straigteners

  Crocodile Sectioning Clips
  Fashion Clips
  Hair Clamps
  Hair Extensions Clips
  Slik Stik Dolphin Sectioning Clips
  UFO Combo Clips
  UFO Jumbo Sectioning Clips
  UFO Jumbo Zip Clips
  Wave Setter

Colour Correctors

Coloured Hair Mousse

Comb & Brush Cleaner

  Flat Top Combs
  Latina Comb Sets
  Lice Combs
  SS Tension Straightening Combs
  UFO Anti-Static Carbon Combs
  Hard Rubber Combs-Matador Style
  Impresso Neon Combs
  Wet Collection Combs
  Tri-Ionic Combs
  Hair & Beauty Brand
  Cleopatra Neon Combs
  Wahl Combs

CPR Vita 5

Crazy Color

Curling Irons

Cutting Collar

De Lorenzo



Ear Protectors

Elastic Bands

Electronic Scale/Balance

Foot Rests

Fudge Paintbox

Fudge Products
  Fudge Styling


Glamour Girlz Hair Accessories

Glamour Girlz Hair Wigs
  Clip-On Pony Tails-Full Length Curls
  Clip-On Pony Tails-Low Curls
  Full Head One Piece Wigs
  Hair Scrunchies

Gloves & Face Masks

Haidressing Tool Kits

Hair & Beauty Basin Products

Hair Brushes
  3 Step Ti-Fi Collection
  Anti-Static Hot Curling Brushes
  Bling Detanglers
  Ceramicare Shine Line Collection
  Cushion Collection
  Duo Tone Collection
  Hair & Beauty
  Hi Lift
  Luxor Pro
  Luxor Supergrip Purple Thermal
  Luxor Zig-Zag Bristle Thermal
  Michel Mercier
  Olivia Garden
    Hair Brushes
  Results TM
  Robert de Soto Brushes
  Royal Shivas
  Silver Bullet
  T-Pro Tourmaline Collection
  UFO Square Thermal Brushes
  Wet Brush Collection

Hair Buns

Hair Clippers

Hair Colours
    Natural Shades
    Natural Silk (Beige)
    Beige Shades
    Natural Ash
    Golden Shades
    Mahogany Shades
    Red Shades
    Red Extreme
    Auburn Shades
    Bronze Shades
    Brilliant Shades
    Jamaican Shades
    Corrective Agents
  Colorianne Prestige
    Auburn Shades
    Chocolate Shades
    Fantasy Shades
    Gold Shades
    Metro Chic Colors
    Natural Ash Shades
    Natural Shades
    Red Shades
    Ultimate Blondes
    Violet Shades
  Hi Co-Direct Colouring
  Indola Profession
    Ash Gold
    Color Creators
    Copper Gold
    Copper Mahogany
    Copper Red
    Gold Copper
    Gold Mahogany
    Golden Shades
    Intense Gold
    Intense Red
    Mahogany Red
    Pearl Blonde
    Red Violet
    Special Intense Red
    Warm Naturals
  LK Creamcolor
    Cold Mineral
    Extra Claire
    Flash Colours
    Hi-Red Mix
    Mix Color
    Naturali Claire
    Tropical Brown
    Tropical Red
  Nirvel ArtX
    1-6 Highlighters
    Brown Shades
    Coppers & Intense Coppers
    Golden Shades
    Linea Pastel
    Mahogany & Redddish Mahogany Shades
    Natural Shades
    Sand Shades
    Violet & Burgundy Shades
  Schwarzkopf Igora Royal
    Absolute Reds
    Aztec Copper
    Blonde Expression
    Crystal Graphite
    Desert Sand
    Golden Whisper
    Irish Copper
    Purple Vision
    Red Passion
    Red Sunset
    Ruby Red
    Ruby Violet
    Samba Brazil
    Special Blonde
    Warm Chocolate
    Warm Terracotta
    Wild Honey

Hair Cur

Hair Dryer/Straightener Holder

Hair Dryers
  Babyliss Pro Hair Dryers
  ConAir Pro
  Twin Turbo

Hair Dryers (Hooded)-Wall Mounted

Hair Extensions (100% Human Hair)-Clip On
  Cleopatra 100% Human (Remi) Hair-Clip On Extensions
    Length of insert=12" (30.5cm) Width of insert=1.5" (3.8cm)
    Length of insert=12" (30.5cm) Width of insert=6" (15.2cm)
    Length of insert=12" (30.5cm) Width of insert=8" (20.3cm)
    Length of insert=16" (40.6cm) Width of insert=1.5" (3.8cm)
    Length of insert=16" (40.6cm) Width of insert=6" (15.2cm)
    Length of insert=16" (40.6cm) Width of insert=8" (20.3cm)
    Length of insert=20" (50.8cm) Width of insert=1.5" (3.8cm)
    Length of insert=20" (50.8cm) Width of insert=6" (15.2cm)
    Length of insert=20" (50.8cm) Width of insert=8" (20.3cm)

Hair Gels

Hair Growth Retarders

Hair Lice Treatment

Hair Nets

Hair Paint

Hair Pins

Hair Rollers
  Bendy (Flexible)
  Cyber Spiral
  Hot Rollers
  Hot Stix
  Pillow Rollers
  Plastic Rollers
  Swiss Hair Rollers
  Velcro Rollers

Hair Sprays

Hair Sprays-Coloured

Hair Steamers

Hair Crimpers

Hair Straighteners

Hairdressing Capes

Hairdressing Foils
  Colorianne Prestige
  Royal Shivas

Hairdressing Pomades/Waxes
  Dax Wax
  Royal Shivas Hair Care

Hot Cabinets

Hot Sticks



Keratin Complex

Kid's Cutting Chairs and Booster Cushions

Kids Specialty Shampoos

KOL (Kiss-Of-Life)

Macadamia Oil Hair Products

Magnetic Wrist Bands

Manic Panic

Mannequin Clamps



Movie Tone Hues


Natural Look Products

Neck Brushes

Neck Strips

Neck Trays

Nirvel Hair Products

Osis Range

Party Hair Pieces

Pedestal Hair Dryers

Perm Caps & Hair Setting Scarfs

Perm Papers

Perm Rods

Perm Rubbers

Perming Solutions & Neutralizers

  Fhairy Blossum
  Kris n Rad
  Great Western Hairway
  Movie Tone Hues
  Igora Oxigenta

Portable Tinting/ Hair Colouring Station

Portable Wash Basin

  D Fine
  D Frizz
  D Fuse
  D Zine


Reception Desks

Retail Display Stands


Roux Tween Time

Royal Shivas Hair Care
  Argan & Amla Range


Rusk Scream Color Gels

Salon Bulk Shampoos and Conditioners

Sanitising Jars

Scalp Massagers

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Range

Schwarzkopf Igora

Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse

  ECO ICE Series
  Cerena Solingen-Made in Germany
    Piranha Lagoon Series
    Piranha Limited Edition Black Dog Collection
    Piranha Limited Edition Leopard Collection
    Piranha Limited Edition Pink Collection
    Piranha Limited Edition Tiger Collection
    Piranha Mirage Series
    Piranha Oasis Series
    Comfort Class
    Master Class
  Apprentice Shears
  Passion Cobalt Scissors

Shampoo Basin Shower Heads

Shampoo Basins

Shampoo Cushions


Shaving Brushes

Silhouette Range

Specialty Shampoos, Conditioners and Treatments

Stain & Tint Removers

Static Free FM Products



Streaking Caps

Styling Chairs

Thermal Pouches & Mats


Tint Brushes

Tint Mixers

Tint Bowls

Tinting Bowl & Brush Set

Tint Tube Squeezers

Tint Tube Racks

Tool Pouches & Cases

Tool Totes

Towel Racks



Upstyling Products

Wahl Clipper Attachments

Waiting Chairs

Water Sprayers



Glowbys Fibre Optic Hair Inserts
  Glowbys Fibre Optic Hair Inserts- 12" Un-Cut
  Glowbys Fibre Optic Hair Inserts- 15" Cascade Cut with Black Barrette
  Glowbys Fibre Optic Hair Inserts- 15" Cascade Cut with Crystal Barrette

Crystal Tresses-Genuine Swarovski Crystals that attach on the Hair

Crystal Stars-Genuine Swarovski Crystals that attach on the Hair

Loom Bands

*E Bay Items*

E Bay Specials
  Acrylic Nail Brushes E Bay
  Air Diffusers E Bay
  Applicator Bottles Ebay
  Argan Oil Products Ebay
  Beauty Cases E Bay
  Beauty E Bay
  Bobby Pins E Bay
  Brazilian Keratin E Bay
  Color Secrets Nail Polish E Bay
  Colour Correctors Ebay
  Comb and Brush Cleaner
  Combs E Bay
  Cuticle Pushers E Bay
  Electric Nail Drills
  Eyelash Products E Bay
  Foot Rests E Bay
  Gloves E Bay
  Hair Brushes E Bay
  Hair Clips E Bay
  Hair Curlers-E Bay
  Hair Gels E Bay
  Hair Rollers E Bay
  Hair Spray
  Hair Styling Products E Bay
  Hairdressing Bleach E Bay
  Hairdressing Capes E Bay
  Hairdressing Foils E Bay
  Hairdressing Mannequins E Bay
  Hairdressing Mirrors E Bay
  Hairdryer Holders E Bay
  Liquid Pumps E Bay
  Make-Up Accessories E Bay
  Manic Panic Ebay
  Manicure Bowls E Bay
  Nail Accessories E Bay
  Nail Art E Bay
  Nail Buffers E Bay
  Nail Polish
  Nail Treatments E Bay
  Neck Brushes E Bay
  Packaging Products
  Pedicure Files E Bay
  Pedicure Slippers E Bay
  Portable Wash Bsins
  Razors E Bay
  Rusk Scream Semi- Permanent Color Gels - Ebay
  Salon Trolleys E Bay
  Scissors E Bay
  Shampoo and Conditioner Ebay
  Shampoo Basin Cushions E Bay
  Streaking Caps E Bay
  Tanning Products & Accessories
  Timers E Bay
  Tint Bowls E Bay
  Tint Brushes E Bay
  Tint Mixers E Bay
  Tint Tube Squeezer
  Tool Holsters E Bay
  Tweezers E Bay
  Upstyle Jewellery E Bay
  Water Sprayers E Bay
  Wax Pots E Bay
  Waxing Products E Bay

Valentines Jewellery

Premium Manicure & Personal Care Sets


Private Label Peroxides

Priavte Label Shampoos

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