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Indola Sculpture Shaping Mousse 300g
SKU: INDS150111ebay23
Salon Formula with an extra strong hold. Sculpture Shaping Mousse is ideal for professional shaping with a non-sticky formula that is easy to brush out. Does not contain alcohol and does not interfere with the natural sebum balance of the hair.

Shampoo hair, then towel dry. Shake can well before use. Hold can upside down and release an egg shaped amount into hand. Massage mousse evenly through hair, using fingertips or comb, then style.

Our price: AUD 7.50
Market price: AUD 15.95 save 53%
including GST 10% ( AUD 0.68 )
Joico K-Pak Sun Therapy Sun Milk (150mL)
SKU: JoicoKpST111
The Joico K-Pak Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk is perfect for sun damaged and dehydrated hair.

This lightweight, leave-in protective spray combines hydroxy sun complex with covabsorb EW, a powerful blend of three full spectrum UV protectants, repairing and protecting hair against future sun damage.
Added Aloe Vera heals and soothes hair while the hair protection system promotes reconstruction, manageability and shine.
Hair is left hydrated, conditioned and protected against future damage.

To use, apply K-Pak Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk by Joico (150mL) to wet or dry hair during long periods of sun exposure.

Our price: AUD 15.95
Market price: AUD 25.95 save 39%
SKU: SKULDoil4oz

This oil is a blend of natural oils that makes hair healthy and makes them less prone to breakage. It has been formulated for brittle hair to moisturize them and prevent dryness. It conditions the hair and gives them a new shine.

Use it 2 to 3 times a week. Pour a small amount on your palms and massage gently to the hair.

Go to www.hbbb.com.au or call 0296735777

Our price: AUD 12.95
Market price: AUD 17.95 save 28%
Magnetic Wrist Band - an ideal utility item for stylists to hold clips and bobby pins
SKU: SKU170202
Magnetic Wrist Band-an ideal utility item for stylists to hold clips and bobby pins etc
The use of bobby pins in salon is now easier and quicker thanks to the new Magnetic Bobby Pin Wrist Band from Hair & Beauty Bargain Bazaar.
It eliminates the need to reach across to a table to grab the pins or hold them in the mouth. Much safer, hygienic and way more professional way of holding bobby pins
- available in assorted colours.
Please note colours are supplied randomly.

Our price: AUD 6.95
Market price: AUD 12.95 save 46%
including GST 10% ( AUD 0.63 )
Nak Blonde Plus 10V Toning Foam 100g
Nak Blonde Plus 10V Toning Foam 100g

Designed for blonde, highlighted, chemically lightened or grey hair.
Nak Blonde Plus 10V Toning Foam will tone, shine and condition. This is a pale violet blonde toner that delivers temporary violet colour pigments to blonde hair to neutralise unwanted warmth and maintain colour in-between salon visits.
Nak is proudly Sulphate and Paraben free.

How to use:

Apply to clean towel-dried hair, time 5-20mins, rinse - condition if required.

Our price: AUD 13.95
Market price: AUD 18.95 save 26%
Natural Look D.J Shine Serum 50ml
SKU: DJG3721
Natural Look D.J Shine Serum 50ml

Frizz Maintenance Program. Prevents Split or broken ends and most importantly leaves the hair frizz free & silky soft. Created especially instant shine & lasting protection with the addition of sunscreen to its concentrated formulation.


Our price: AUD 7.95
Market price: AUD 10.95 save 27%
including GST 10% ( AUD 0.72 )
Natural Look Static Free Wavelength Curling Balm 250mL (CLONE)
Wave Length curl and wave defining balm

A lightweight curl booster created especially to control, define and de-frizz naturally curly, wavy or permed hair.


Key Ingredients
Panthenol (Vitamin B), Glycerine


Our price: AUD 8.95
Market price: AUD 11.95 save 25%
including GST 10% ( AUD 0.81 )
Natural Look V.H.S Static Free FM Non Chemical Relaxing Balm 200mL
SKU: VH83722
Natural Look Static Free VHS Non-Chemical Relaxing Balm 200ML

Frizz Maintenance Program. Heat Activated Relaxing Balm allows you to style naturally curly, frizzy or permed hair into smooth straight looks. Leaves the hair feeling soft, frizz free & shine enhanced.


Our price: AUD 8.95
Market price: AUD 12.95 save 31%
including GST 10% ( AUD 0.81 )
Nirvel Professional Chemical Hair Straightener Set
SKU: SKU161531nirv
Nirvel Chemical Hair Straightener Set

Hair Straightener / Uncurler from Nirvel Professional - Straightener
Size: 2 straighteners + 1 Neutralizer
Description: For Professional Use Only
Contains two 60ml tubers of STRAIGHTENER and a 250 ml bottle of NEUTRALISER. Wear gloves and apply straightener to dry hair. Make sure that straightener is applied to all hair. Comb and smooth down ONCE. leave for 5- 10 minutes depending on hair quality. Rinse with water and apply the neutralizer, brush smoothing the hair and allow ten minutes to dry then wash the hair.

(If there are areas of the hair are really damaged, such as highlights, we recommend applying Pre-straightening Protector before proceeding with the straightening)

Our price: AUD 29.95
Market price: AUD 49.95 save 40%
including GST 10% ( AUD 2.72 )
Nirvel Temporary Hair Straightener 250ml
Temporary Hair Straightener from Nirvel Professional
Size: 250 ml
Description: Protects from hairdryer heat, brushing friction and styling plate dryness. It is resistant to environmental humidity.
After applying a generous, even dose to damp hair, begin to dry, smoothing hair with a brush. It leaves hair straight and soft with bounce and natural shine.

Our price: AUD 12.95
Market price: AUD 24.95 save 48%
including GST 10% ( AUD 1.18 )
One 'n Only Low Ammonia Texturizing Acid Perm
SKU: JR P2791aa21a
One 'n Only Low Ammonia Texturizing Acid Perms are the one texturizing perm for damage-free, soft, natural volume or true-to-rod size curl. The fresh fragrance leaves no unpleasant residual perm odour. Recommend for normal, tinted and resistant hair

Our price: AUD 9.95
Market price: AUD 13.95 save 29%
including GST 10% ( AUD 0.90 )
Roux Tween Time Instant Hair Color Touch Up - Dark Brown 10g
SKU: TTDB10gdb1
Roux Tween Time Instant Haircolour Touch-Up Stick - Dark Brown 10g

Instantly conceal unwanted greys and roots with Roux 'Tween Time. This non-flaking, non-damaging touch up color stick can be used every day for beautiful, natural looking results.

Temporary colour crayon, perfect for concealing small areas of grey, or covering/blending re-growth at the scalp.
Applies like lipstick. Shampoos out.

Our price: AUD 16.95
Market price: AUD 19.95 save 15%
including GST 10% ( AUD 1.54 )
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