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10-Perma Student Man-Pedi Implement Kit
SKU: 10-C197

Our price: AUD 99.95
including GST 10% ( AUD 9.09 )
11-Perma Student Acrylic Training Kit
SKU: 2665480

Our price: AUD 145.95
including GST 10% ( AUD 13.27 )
11000- Hawley Client Kit 1
SKU: 110D197
Contains White Block, Manicure Brush, Black Beauty Wood File, Frosty Cushioned File, Orange Stick, Pair of Toe Seperators in a Drawstring Bag

Our price: AUD 11.95
including GST 10% ( AUD 1.09 )
14016 American Manicure Kit
SKU: 140A197

Our price: AUD 18.95
including GST 10% ( AUD 1.72 )
14017 French Manicure Kit
SKU: 140P197

Our price: AUD 18.95
including GST 10% ( AUD 1.72 )
14024 Hawley Manicure-Pedicure Gift Pack
SKU: 14e+199
1x Polish Remover, 1x Pedipad'l, 1x Black Beauty 2pk with o/stick, 1x pair of toe seperators, 1 x French manicure polish, 1x 5pc manicure travel set, 1 x jumbo printed satin buff nail shiner body sponge all in a clear drawstring bag

Our price: AUD 18.95
including GST 10% ( AUD 1.72 )
5-Perma Professional Acrylic Starter Kit
SKU: 5-P6438

Our price: AUD 63.95
including GST 10% ( AUD 5.81 )
6-Perma Student Maincure Kit
SKU: 6-P4197

Our price: AUD 78.95
including GST 10% ( AUD 7.18 )
9-Perma Student Pedicare Kit
SKU: 9-PS197

Our price: AUD 34.95
including GST 10% ( AUD 3.18 )
Deluxe Nail Kit A-Total Value $65-Yours for only $29-Save $36
SKU: SKU16423
Includes the following in a Clear, Zippered Bag:

-UFO Professional Tools-Wide Grip Slanted Tweezer-Red
-B-186-UFO Professional Tools Slanted Tweezer with wide rubber thumb support-Orange
-6x Stainless Steel Slanted Tweezerettes
-Winks natural Soft Lash Demi-102-Black
-Pack of 12 small plastic spatulas
-CB165-4 WAY BUFFING BLOCK, 96 X 29 X 19 (MM)
-Luxor Callus Cutter with Blade
-3 Way Cushioned Super Nail Buffer
-Twinkle DISPOSABLE RAZOR with special Micro Guard blade

Our price: AUD 29.00
Market price: AUD 65.00 save 55%
including GST 10% ( AUD 2.64 )
Deluxe Nail kit B-Total Value over $80- Yours for only $39
SKU: SKU16424
Packaged in an elegant clear zippered bag and include;

-SaQu Nail Polish 22ml-Hottest Pink
-SaQu Nail Polish 22ml-Camisole Pink
-SaQu Nail Treatment-Top Coat
-SaQu Nail Treatment-Base Coat
-CB162-Hair & Beauty 3 WAY BUFFING BLOCK
-Cushioned Harbour Bridge Grinder
-Nirvana Collection 100 Tips in a Tray-French Cut
-UFO Professional Tools-Wide Grip Slanted Tweezer-Red
-"Nirvana Collection" The Ultimate Acrylic Systems- Round Acrylic Pure Sable Brush-size 6

Our price: AUD 39.00
Market price: AUD 76.00 save 49%
including GST 10% ( AUD 3.55 )
Salon Says Manicure/Pedicure Tool Kit-Total Value $240-Yours for only $120-Save 50%
SKU: SKU16713
Salon Says Manicure/Pedicure Tool Kit-Total Value $240-Yours for only $120-Save 50%

Our price: AUD 120.00
Market price: AUD 240.00 save 50%
including GST 10% ( AUD 10.91 )
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