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Caron Aquagel Strip wax 1.1Kg
Caron Aquagel Strip wax 1.1 Kg

• The first water based
professional Strip Wax
• Made with 100% purified water
• No sticky residue
• Simply washes off in water
• Low temperature wax
• Biodegradable - No resins or chemicals
• Unique formula glides on easily
and spreads ultra-thin

Our price: AUD 18.95
Market price: AUD 22.95 save 17%
Caron Dair Hard Wax 1kg
SKU: DAIY3621441kgd
In an exciting and dairing move Caron has reformulated Dair to achieve exceptional results while also adding a bit of bling to your waxing routine! Dairs advanced new formula now contains Mica so it glides onto the skin smoothly & softly while also giving a dazzling effect! Dair hard and strip waxes, renowned for its exceptional flexibility and ease of use, remove stubborn and short hairs without bruising or irritating the skin. This versatile wax, specifically designed to suit both male and female, total body waxing minimises the formation of ingrown hairs and contains an enticing mango essence bringing an exotic atmosphere to every wax treatment.

Our price: AUD 17.95
Market price: AUD 22.95 save 22%
including GST 10% ( AUD 1.63 )
Quantity Price*
1-11 Item AUD 17.95
12+ Items AUD 17.95
*Note: including GST

Caron Dair Hard Wax Melts 500g
SKU: DAIY36221
Dair Hard Wax Melts™ is the same Dair Hard Wax you know and love but
in a new fuss free format!
To save you time and effort Caronlab has re-developed the popular Dair
Hard Wax into revolutionary Hard Wax Melts™. Simply insert the perfectly
sized Hard Wax Melts™ into your wax heater insert. It is ideal for stubborn and coarse hairs and is formulated with
mango essence for economical and exceptional results.

Our price: AUD 9.95
Market price: AUD 14.95 save 33%
Quantity Price*
1-11 Item AUD 9.95
12+ Items AUD 17.95
*Note: including GST

Caron Smooth & Remove Ultrapliable XXX Hard Wax 1Kg
SKU: SKU18031121UPwa
Caron Smooth & Remove Ultrapliable XXX Hard Wax 1Kg

Caron’s new improved flexible white wax has been reformulated to deliver outstanding results. Gentle and creamy, it contains Titanium Dioxide to reduce redness and irritation making it your natural alternative for brazilian waxing. Nourishing Almond oil and other essential vitamins restore skin suppleness and elasticity so it’s ideal for sensitive and delicate areas.

Our price: AUD 16.95
Market price: AUD 27.95 save 39%
Quantity Price*
1-23 Item AUD 16.95
24+ Items AUD 18.95
*Note: including GST

Caron Strawberry Crème Hard Wax 500g Pallet
Caron Strawberry Crème Hard Wax Pallet Tray 500g

Deluxe Strawberry Creme is designed to pamper the senses with a decadent strawberry scent and its luxurious velvety texture. With Titanium Dioxide to reduce redness and skin its perfect for waxing delicate areas and for those with sensitive or mature skins. With superior flexibility to ensure a smooth, silky finish it is the ultimate wax for a deluxe XXX treatment. Once heated you cant mistake that luscious strawberry scent.

Our price: AUD 12.95
Market price: AUD 19.95 save 35%
Quantity Price*
1-11 Item AUD 12.95
12+ Items AUD 18.95
*Note: including GST

Mancine Hot Summer Hard Wax 1 kg
SKU: MAN522811
Mancine Hot Summer Hard Wax 1 kg with Azurelene , an extract of chamomile, acts as an anti-Inflammatory to cool and calm delicate skin.

An extremely soft and flexible formulation. Ideal for use on face, underarms and bikini line.

Mancine Hot Waxes are formulated to make waxing as painless as possible. They remove the shortest of hairs, leaving the skin perfectly clean and silky-smooth.

Mancine Hot Waxes are applied at half the thickness of other hot waxes so you get more applications per kilogram. Even your most pedantic clients will love our range of waxes.

Our price: AUD 19.95
Market price: AUD 24.95 save 20%
Mancine Siempre Azure Hard Wax 1Kg
Mancine Siempre Azure Hard Wax 1Kg - ultra smooth formula .

Our price: AUD 17.95
Market price: AUD 25.95 save 31%
Stainless Steel Spatula Only $6.95 !!!
SKU: LAR0380112
Stainless Steel Spatula. The spatulas stainless steel surface retains heat, allowing wax to glide smoothly onto the body making it the perfect tool for beauticians.

Our price: AUD 6.95
Market price: AUD 12.95 save 46%
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