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Nirvel ArtX Color Out
SKU: NIRX28011
Color Out from ArtX - Colour Corrector ( 2x 125mL)
Size: 2 phase application
Description: Colour corrector For for all Oxidative Dyes
Formulated to correct unwanted artificial colour pigments in the hair.
Non Bleach and gentle formula that will not alter or deteriorate the natural condition of the hair.
Reduces the artificial colour pigment without altering the hair's natural pigment
Can be used in two ways: for a colour change or slight colour correction.

How it works:
Color Out reduces artificial colour pigments in the hair which can then be simply rinsed away. Recolouring normally takes place after the colour correction procedure.
Color Out removes oxidation dye pigments only. It does not remove direct dye.
Colour reduction on very dark hair will depend on the condition and the texture of the hair as well as the number of applications and age of the existing dye.
Do not develop Color Out for longer than 20 minutes. Color Out maybe reapplied on the same day if the colour correction wasn't sufficient.
For optimum colour reduction Color Out should be used as soon as possible after the application of the colour to be corrected.
Following a colour correction, Color Out reveals a warm under coat. This is completley normal and due to the previous oxidative dye process.
Color Out will not lighten natural colour pigment.

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