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China Glaze Crackle Lacquers

China Glaze Crackle Lacquers

China Glaze colours are DBP-free and designed with the professional in mind, offering the highest quality nail lacquer base available for maximum performance. For greater coverage, the non thickening formula is thinner and has a higher saturation of pigments and dyes so colours are richer for a more even distribution of colour without brush drag or blobs of lacquer. The advanced long wearing formula with hardeners ensures durability and strength and contains Special Adhesives that act as anchors to secure the polish to all nail types and Plas-ticizers to provide flexibility and guard against chipping. China Glaze Crackle is the The hottest craze in nail lacquer! Hundreds of possible color combinations! Apply a base polish color and allow to dry. Apply your choice of Crackle Glaze and allow to dry. Finish with top coat.

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