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Nak Scalp To Hair Energise Thinning Hair Kit
Nak Scalp To Hair Energise Thinning Hair Kit

Contents :
1 x 250ML Shampoo
1 x 250ML Conditioner
1 x 100ML Mineral Defense


Scientifically formulated to cleanse, detoxify and energise scalp and hair, eliminating environmental residue, assisting with the removal of DHT and build up from styling products.
How to use
Apply a small amount to palm of hand and gently massage onto scalp, time for 1 minute then rinse thoroughly. Follow with SCALP To HAIR energise Thickening Conditioner.


Clense / detoxify / eliminating residue

A weightless conditioner scientifically formulated to create a thickening effect whilst improving tensile strength.
How to use
Apply a small amount to palm of hand, gently massage onto scalp and hair. Time for 1-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
Creates thickening effect / improves strength

Mineral Defense
A leave-in treatment scientifically formulated to infuse hair follicles with essential vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals. Features Q10, Niacinamide, Aminexil and Saw Palmetto that assist with the removal of residue on the scalp including Sebum, environmental pollutants and styling product build up. Provides nourishment whilst protecting and defending against external factors.
How to use

Apply topically onto scalp and massage through hair, leave-in.

Infuses hair follicles / removes residue on scalp / protects

Recommended for:
Fine, thinning, natural hair.
Key Ingredients:

Q10 / Niacinamide / Aminexil / Saw Palmetto

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