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Referrer Rewards

Become a Referrer and Earn Passive Income

You can sit at home and earn money with our online referrer program!
The steps are simple:

Step 1

  • You will need to register as a referrer with us.
  • Fax or email the form back to us on (02) 97281294.
  • You will be given a unique Referrer Code.

Step 2

  • Promote our company and its products with potential customers-hairdressers, beauticians, make up artists, Nail techs, etc.
  • Ask the customers to fill your referrer code when they register with our online shop.

Step 3

  • Whenever a customer referred by you purchases from our online store you will receive a referrer commission.
  • The commission varies for different products.
  • Please note that we do not offer any commission for Igora Royal or Igora Vibrance Hair Colours. With the exclusion of the aforementioned, you will receive at least 5% commission on all other products.
  • You will be sent a cheque at the end of each month.
  • We will pay an extra 5% (i.e. total of 10%) commission for the following products:
    • All Colorianne Hair Colours
    • All Colorianne Prestige & Metro Chic Hair Colours
    • Assist Hair Styling Range
    • All Nirvel ArtX Hair Colours
    • Nirvana Nail Products
    • British Classic Acrylic Nail Products
    • Nouveau Nail Acrylic Nail Products
    • SaQu Nail Polishes
    • Xtreme Nail Products
    • Hot Bod Waxing Rolls
    • UFO Tweezers

Step 4

  • Refer as many customers as you can to maximise your passive earning potential.